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The 4 Points

The following four points are another way to help us think where we are on our journey with God. Gave a look and see what you think.

God loves me iconGod loves me! Yes, he does. In fact, God loves everything he has made, people, plants, planets, stars everything. When he made it, He declared it good and told us to look after it and enjoy it. It was perfect, and God had high hopes that He and us would have a fantastic life together, forever, loving and worshipping him and loving and serving each other and all of creation.

I have sinned iconI have sinned! Yes, though we often don’t like to admit it. In fact, we all have sinned. Sin is the word used to describe all those things we say, do and think that are not rooted in faith and obedience to God. Sin is about doing things our way instead of Gods way the results of which can be seen in the brokenness or relationships, the horrors of the world and the lostness we feel so separated from God.

Jesus died for me iconJesus died for me! Yes, he did! In fact, he died for everybody. He died so that all that was wrong with us and this world could be put right. By dying and rising again Jesus has established God’s Kingdom and one day there will be a recreated universe and once again God and his creation will live together in the love, joy, peace and perfection he always intended.

Decision iconI must decide to live for God! Yes! In fact, it’s a decision we all must make. Jesus says we must repent and believe! Repent means to turn around, to stop going our own way and start going God’s way; It means being sorry for the things we have done wrong, but it also means knowing God’s forgiveness and unfailing love. It means following Jesus in faith and obedience as our rightful King and Saviour.